Why Truck Driving School?

  • Excellent Pay & Job Security
  • Medical, Dental & Retirement Plans
  • Vacation & Sick Time Off
  • Advancement Opportunities

L.A. Trucking College: The time is now!

Do not delay any longer. Start your career as a professional truck driver today by joining one of our programs. Give us a call and we will set you on the right path to success!


Who can enroll in our truck driving school?

As long as you have basic reading and basic
math skills, we can help you enroll. High school diplomas or GEDs are not required; however,
you must be at least 18 years of age.

Benefits of attending a trucking college

Our number one priority is to teach our students the required knowledge and skills to pass a CDL exam so that you can jump on the road safely as soon as possible—and start earning a salary.

You’ll receive professional training from instructors who are fully qualified and who are highly experienced on the road. Attending a prestige truck driving college will look great on your resume’ and will increase your credibility as a truck driver.

Not fully convinced yet?

Here are a few more reasons why:

• Excellent pay
• Job security
• Medical, dental and retirement plans
• Vacation time
• Sick time
• Advancement opportunities
• Steer the wheel to your future